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"An engaging World War II novel featuring diverse prose styles about a man in search of spiritual peace and the granddaughter who needs to find him."
Kirkus Reviews


Stuck in a dead-end job, single, and discontented...

Lily receives a most unexpected visitor: an “heir finder” who informs her she is the sole beneficiary to an unclaimed fortune—$16 million left behind by a grandfather she never met. The boon comes with a caveat: the money can only be claimed if the remains of her grandfather—a man who went missing in action in World War Two—are located and he’s proven legally dead.

The Far Shore follows Lily as she embarks on a global odyssey—from the shores of South Carolina to the deepest jungles of Myanmar—in a quest for answers. In the process, she uncovers an incredible story—that of a stricken, shell-shocked soldier who left the battlefield and went to the ends of the earth in an attempt to answer the age-old questions of mankind: Why do we suffer? Is there a God? Is there a way out? It is a journey that will change Lily forever; for, like her grandfather, she finds herself going further afield in search of answers, deeper into harm’s way, into both the unmapped places of the world and of the heart, where she will find either unimaginable wisdom and wealth . . . or madness and death. 



You must read!!!


The Far Shore is a compelling story that takes readers through the ultimate highs and lows. Written by Paul Scheuring, creator of the awesome television series, Prison Break, we as readers get to meet Lily who stands to possibly inherit an overwhelming amount of money from a grandfather she never knew existed. It can change her life and the mundane, lackluster repetition it has become. Through Lily’s physical journey to find her grandfather’s remains, she faces various challenges and obstacles that eventually alter her life forever. She learns a lot about herself throughout this journey as well as her grandfather and we get to follow the story of a war-torn soul who ultimately is a hero. This book is life-changing not only for the characters but captures the reader within the lessons of life, death and suffering discussed and makes the reader contemplate their own life as well. This book is a must-read! You won't be able to put it down and once you do, you will reflect on your own life with more questions but also more clarity.

Amazon Reviewer

Scheuring it’s a beautiful written novel that takes the reader through mystery


The Far Shore by Paul T. Scheuring it’s a beautiful written novel that takes the reader through mystery, thrill and life lessons. The novel revolves around Lilly Allen’s inspiring journey. Lilly is about to inherit $16 million from her deceased grandfather, Gray Allen, but first Lilly must find her grandfather’s remains and prove he is really dead. Knowing very little about Gray, Lilly embarks on a journey to find him and little does she know this journey will change her life. The mystery and thrills of the unknown struggles she will face throughout the novel will keep the reader entertained and not wanting to put the book down. The novel takes the reader across the world and as we get to know Lilly, we also get to know her grandfather along with her through a series of stories. This novel can be relatable to anyone in the sense that we all can relate with life sometimes being painful and isolated. This novel is a MUST READ, it will definitely have the reader contemplating their own lives.

Amazon Reviewer

A Most Unusual Tale

I very seldom give five star reviews but I would have given this novel ten stars. For one thing, it read more like a true story than a novel. The scenes of war were devastatingly real and immediate. Some parts were hard to read because of the inhumanity and suffering of soldiers. In addition I liked the way the author took us on a mystery tour of different places on the trail of Lily's grandfather. It was such an imaginative idea--I haven't read a book like this before. Very original and one that you won't forget right away. I was rooting for Lily the whole way and the twists and turns kept my interest. There is a lot of mediocre writing around but this gem shines and needs to be read. I think it would make an excellent movie.

Amazon Reviewer

Epic, Enchanting, Sublime


When Lily learns she will inherit $16 million if she can prove the grandfather who she never knew is actually dead, it sets in motion an existential avalanche that cascades through generations.

This is amazing writing. Like some wild mix of Sartre, Camus, Balzac, and Steinbeck.

Scheuring dives deep into the psyche’s of his characters, somehow knowing in intricate detail the heart and soul of his varied characters and the times in which they live; wrapping it all up in exquisite writing. “It’s like a language, isn’t it? The way the guns talk to each other, argue in their different accents, trying to outshout each other.”

A wonderful book on all counts.

Amazon Reviewer

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