"An engaging World War II novel featuring diverse prose styles about a man in search of spiritual peace and the granddaughter who needs to find him." -- Kirkus Reviews

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The Far Shore

Stuck in a dead-end job, single, and discontented...

Lily receives a most unexpected visitor: an “heir finder” who informs her she is the sole beneficiary to an unclaimed fortune—$16 million left behind by a grandfather she never met. The boon comes with a caveat: the money can only be claimed if the remains of her grandfather—a man who went missing in action in World War Two—are located and he’s proven legally dead.

The Far Shore follows Lily as she embarks on a global odyssey—from the shores of South Carolina to the deepest jungles of Myanmar—in a quest for answers. In the process, she uncovers an incredible story—that of a stricken, shell-shocked soldier who left the battlefield and went to the ends of the earth in an attempt to answer the age-old questions of mankind: Why do we suffer? Is there a God? Is there a way out? It is a journey that will change Lily forever; for, like her grandfather, she finds herself going further afield in search of answers, deeper into harm’s way, into both the unmapped places of the world and of the heart, where she will find either unimaginable wisdom and wealth . . . or madness and death. 

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